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If you are reading this website, chances are that you or someone you care about is in trouble with the law. Whether this is your first arrest, or one of many in your lifetime, you may be feeling anxiety and fear about your situation, and the potential consequences you face if you are convicted. We are the Law Office of J. D. Ryan in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania. Our founding attorney, Joseph Ryan, is an experienced criminal trial lawyer who has helped many people in your situation. Regardless of the criminal charge, our law office can provide you with the legal defense you need and deserve. We defend clients who have been arrested for DUI, drug possession, domestic assault, burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, traffic offenses, criminal trespass and many other criminal charges. If you are in Jefferson County or Clearfield County and need help, contact us online or call 814-653-2042 today. We can discuss your concerns confidentially in a free, initial consultation. Unlike a large law firm, where you may not meet with an attorney until your court date, ours is run by an experienced lawyer who meets with each client personally. Joseph Ryan will represent and defend you from the moment you retain his services until your legal issue is resolved. Our staff will also help you in any way they can. Also unlike a large firm, which may try to impress or intimidate you with overly fancy surroundings, you will find the Law Office of J. D. Ryan to be comfortable and down to earth. We will discuss your circumstances with you, explain your options and personally advise you on the best path out of your current predicament. We believe that our job is not to make you feel uncomfortable or out of place. It is to protect and defend you against criminal charges of all kinds.